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ConnectedWorld Academy

Aspire, Achieve, Amaze

Hello IT professionals and students!    



  • Do you want dive into the world of AI and Machine Learning?  

  • Do you want to jumpstart a career in the Cloud?

  • Would you like to add Industry certifications to your resume?


Welcome to ConnectedWorld Academy!

Group of students celebrating success

Take charge of your career

Learn from the experts

Cutting edge technology

Learn cutting edge tech

The Cloud. Artificial Intelligence. Machine Learning. Deep Learning. Generative AI.  Prompt Engineering.  At ConnectedWorld Academy you will learn first hand from experts. Using proven teaching strategies, they make sure that every student finds a path to success.

Hands on skills

Get hands on

No one learns how to swim by reading a manual.  They need to jump in with both feet.  Dive deep.  At ConnectedWorld Academy, we supplement our courses with a rich set of hands-on labs and exercises. You will be productive from Day One on your job.

Industry certifications

Get certified

Certifications matter!  They are the best way to show your proficiency and get hired. They help you stand out in the crowd. They are golden passports to success. At ConnectedWorld Academy,  our courses will help you obtain industry leading certifications.

Certifications you can achieve

Our courses can help you achieve one or more of the following certifications
AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification
Azure AI Fundamentals Certification
Google Machine Learning Engineer
IBM Applied AI Certification
AWS Machine Learning Specialty Certification

A sampling of our courses


Fundamentals of Cloud using Amazon Web Services (Leading to AWS certification)


Foundations of AI and Machine Learning (Leading to certification in Google, Microsoft or IBM)


Business perspectives on AI, Machine Learning and Generative AI (For Managers)


Hands-on AI and ML using Amazon Web Services (For Developers, Leading to AWS certification)


Hands-on with ChatGPT and other LLMs (For Developers, Leading to Generative AI certification)

Never stop learning
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