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Is your business ready for AI?

We provide the methodology, tools and best practices to help you get started on your AI projects

What's your use case?

We help you identify and build a business case for AI. Can your use case be AI enabled? Do you have the data you need? Can it be automated 100% or do you need a human in the loop?  Can it keep improving with new data?  

Spoiler alert:  Not all business cases are good for AI. 

Where's your data?

A good data strategy is at the core of any AI enabled transformation.  We help you prepare your data for machine learning, and train your models using the data.

What AI technology do you need?

What is your tech platform?  Do you need to build custom AI models?  Do you have low code options?  We help you identify the right platform, the AI models and services.

What's your integration strategy?

How do you integrate your data with the AI?  What will run on the cloud?  What will run on premise? How can your AI be audited and reviewed by humans?

Is your AI behaving responsibly?

Is your AI making responsible predictions?  Is it free from bias?  We will help you set up monitoring, alerts and safeguards to ensure your AI is helpful, honest and harmless.

How do you continue to improve?

A good AI strategy needs to factor in a process for continuous improvement.  Data changes constantly.  Models tend to drift over time.  We will help you set up a process of continuous improvement.

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