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Software Outsourcing

We can set you up with an offshore team of developers, data scientists, data analysts and testers to work on your AI and cloud development projects.  They will develop and deploy on the cloud while you manage the project remotely.


Python, Web application development in Javascript, HTML, CSS and a variety of frameworks and programming languages

Generative AI / Chatbots

Build custom chatbots and various Generative AI applications using Python, Langchain, ChatGPT, AWS Bedrock and many popular AI platforms and services

AWS Development

Build on AWS using EC2, Lambda, API Gateway, DynamoDB, CloudFormation, CloudFront, Cognito and various AI Services such as Comprehend, Transcribe, Translate and many more.

Data Science and Analytics

Understand your data, clean and transform it for Machine Learning, build and train ML models, integrate with other AI services

ML Labeling

Analyze and label data for machine learning using your specfications

Software Testing

Create test scripts and run load and performance tests on your cloud applications

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