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Our Work

Take a look at some of the projects we have worked on.  All of these use cutting edge AI technologies such as generative AI (ChatGPT, AWS Bedrock), speech recognition, synthesis, NLP, language translation, image recognition, and much more.  And built with core AWS services such as EC2s, Lambdas, Cognito, DynamoDB, API Gateway, S3, CloudFront and much more.  With programming in Python, JavaScript and many modern programming languages.



Create engaging presentations with Artificial Intelligence.  Add voice, translation and image generation capabilities to your slides using AI.

(Generative AI, Text to Speech, AWS Translator, AWS Bedrock with Python, TkInter and much more)


Build a secure front end to your operations using AI.  Use state of the art Image recognition technology to identify your employees, students or staff.

(AWS Rekognition and Serverless tecnologies)



Have your call center agents talk to customers around the world in their native language, using an AI powered translator.

(AWS Translator and Elastic Beanstalk)


Get our AI voice deliver one couplet a day to your inbox from the Thirukkural, the ancient treatise in Tamil language that talks about eternal truths and the art of living.  Ask any question to our Gen AI Thirukkural expert.

(AWS Bedrock, ChatGPT, Text To Speech, LangChain, RAG)



Digitize all your business cards, identity cards, insurance cards and many more using this cool app.  Create a searchable online rolodex.

(AWS Textract, Lambda and Cloudfront)


Scan your documents using Machine Learning / OCR.  Translate it to another language using a deep learning engine.  Great for digitizing your old paper documents, reports, forms, land records and much more.

(AWS Textract, Lambda / Python, CloudFront, Cognito)



Kindle your children's dreams with audio / video books.  Folk tales from Tenali Raman, Panchatantra and many more.


Delivered using Text to Speech and Generative AI using AWS.  (AWS Bedrock, ChatGPT, Dall E, AWS Polly, Google Text to Speech and much more)


Chat with our AI Expert on the Thirukkural, the ancient treatise that talks about eternal truths and the art of living.

(ChatGPT, RAG (Retrieval Augmented Generation), Streamlit and Python)




Transcribe and summarize minutes of meetings with ease.

Just upload your meeting audio files to our app. Get fully transcribed notes and summaries of your meetings in seconds.  Store the notes and summaries to quickly search and locate meetings later.

Built using AWS AI / ML Services and Bedrock

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